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Basic operation and precautions of fire shutter doors

One. Operation of electric fire shutter door:

1. There are manual lifting button control boxes on both sides of the fire shutter door. Under normal circumstances, the fire control room completes the remote control of the electric fire shutter door.

2. When necessary, the button box can be moved to make the rolling door rise or fall forcibly. At the same time, be careful not to drop to the bottom or rise to the very top position during operation, which will easily cause the electric fire shutter door to get stuck and affect the use of the electric fire shutter door. Knowing the necessary operations of some electric fire shutter doors can keep us from being at a loss when encountering a fire.

3. In the use of electric fire shutter doors, we should pay attention to the usual maintenance and maintenance of electric fire shutter doors. At the same time, we must also perform functional tests on electric fire shutter doors to ensure the normal use of electric fire shutter doors.

4. In case of circuit and mechanical failures in daily use, it is necessary to use the manual zipper to lower or raise the fire door.

Two. When using electric fire shutter doors, we should pay attention to:

1. Whether there are objects stacked on the bottom of the electric fire shutter door and around it, if a fire suddenly breaks out, the electric fire shutter door cannot be opened and closed normally.

2. During the operation and use, the operator is not allowed to leave the operating place without authorization, and should pay close attention to the opening and closing situation and execution. No one is allowed to stand or walk under the roller shutter when opening and closing. In order to prevent the limit switch from malfunctioning, the roller blind stuck, the motor blocked and other accidents.

3. The steel fire shutters of the fire compartments and fire partitions are not used frequently. Once a fire occurs in the area, the shutters should be effectively put into use. The automatic control fire shutter with linkage control and central control center control must be carried out according to a set of control command procedures.

4. Once abnormal conditions are found during use, emergency measures should be taken immediately to cut off the input power and troubleshoot.

5. Fire shutters that have not been opened and closed for a long time must be maintained once a year. The content is to eliminate dust, paint, and lubricate the sprocket roller chain of the transmission part. Check whether the electrical circuits and electrical equipment are damaged, whether they are running normally, and whether they can meet various instructions. If they are damaged or do not meet the requirements, they should be repaired immediately.

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