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Fire rolling doors play an important role in shopping mall fire protection

Due to the limited urban land resources, in order to use the land rationally and fully, developers have begun to develop residential buildings, shopping malls and office buildings to higher levels. Although it is a high-level building, fire safety cannot be ignored. Especially in crowded shopping malls, its fire protection facilities must be checked at every level. Fire rolling door is such a fire protection measure, it can well block the spread of fire and reduce property loss, it has been widely used in shopping malls and civil buildings.

When a fire occurs, the smoke sensor installed on the roof first receives the smoke signal, and at the same time sends an alarm to the central control system. down at a certain speed. When the rolling shutter door descends to a position about 1.5 meters above the ground, stop descending to facilitate the evacuation and evacuation of personnel. After the fire rolling door stays in the middle for a certain period of time, it continues to descend until it is closed. The descending speed and intermediate dwell time of the fire rolling door can be adjusted during installation.

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