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Fire shutter door maintenance and maintenance

Fire shutter doors are mainly used in large supermarkets (hypermarkets), large shopping malls, large professional material markets, large exhibition halls, factories, warehouses and other public places with fire protection requirements. When a fire alarm occurs, the fire shutter door will be automatically lowered (downward) according to the preset program under the control of the fire center control system, so as to prevent the flame from spreading to other areas and gain valuable time for fire fighting.

The production requirements of fire shutter doors are relatively high, that is, the entire system is required to withstand a high temperature test of about 1100° for a certain period of time. The fire resistance time of fire shutter doors is the main index of fire shutter doors. In GB14102-2005 General Technical Prerequisites for Fire-resistant Steel Rolling Shutter Doors, four fire-resistant levels are defined for the fire-resistant time.

Fire shutter doors are generally used in fire compartments and fire partitions in public places and are not used frequently, so they must be maintained and overhauled on a regular basis. Once a fire occurs in the area, the fire shutters can be effectively put into use. Summary of fire shutter door daily maintenance detailed work should do the following:

1. Manual control inspection: During the rising (or falling) process of the button operation, the operator should pay close attention to whether the rolling shutter door should be raised (or lowered) to the end position and whether it can stop automatically. If not, it should be stopped manually quickly and must wait The limit device can only be re-operated after it is repaired (or adjusted) to normal.

2. Self-control inspection: When any smoke sensor in the system is activated by a smoke source such as a burning cigarette, the automatic device will send out an alarm signal, and at the same time automatically start the electric control system of the rolling door and slide twice to close the rolling door. The rolling shutter door slides down to about 1.2 meters above the ground and stops, with a delay of about 90 seconds, and then automatically starts and the rolling shutter door is completely closed.

3. Fire shutter doors should establish a regular maintenance system, and do a good job in the maintenance records of each shutter, and keep them on file.

4. Roller shutters that have not been opened and closed for a long time must be maintained once every six months. The content is to remove dust, paint, and lubricate the sprocket roller chain of the transmission part.

5. Check whether the electrical circuits and electrical equipment are damaged, whether they are running normally, and whether they can meet various instructions. If they are damaged or do not meet the requirements, they should be inspected immediately.

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