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The characteristics of aluminum alloy rolling shutter door

1. Sturdy and durable, beautiful appearance, high strength, high toughness, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy double (single) layer curtain, 6063T5 aluminum alloy material, anti-strike, anti-scratch, blocking malicious intrusion outside the door, and more effective security protection. The appearance adopts electrostatic powder spraying process, which has strong weather resistance, anti-aging, anti-rainwater, anti-corrosion, and the service life is more than 20 years.

2. Personalized design

Produce and provide products according to the size of your actual installation hole, which is accurate to millimeters. And the curtain has 36 kinds of color options, the most common colors are white, gray and ivory.

3. Applicable installation space

The rolling door is suitable for any installation hole, and the rolling door is rolled up above the installation hole, and only needs to occupy the height space of the upper part of the hole.

4. Satisfactorily silent operation

The silent operation of the roller shutters is impressive. The running noise is kept to a minimum by using the silent running system on the garage door.

5. Anti-theft performance that makes you feel at ease

Roller garage doors can effectively prevent theft. If an automatic prying device is installed on the rolling garage door, it will greatly enhance the anti-theft performance of your garage door.

6. advanced opening method

The garage door series has advanced opening methods, including manual, electric, and remote control. The operation is simple, and the use, installation, and silence are unmatched by traditional garage doors;

7. Great use of the location in front of the garage

Since the garage door does not tilt outwards, you can park your second car directly in front of the garage door without affecting the opening of the garage door. The location in front of your garage is put to great use.

8. Lightweight operation

Reliable balance system, powerful driving device, well-made guide rails and flexible rollers make the door run light and flexible.

9. Lighting system

It can be equipped with an automatic lighting system and has a delay extinguishing function, and the delay can be set as required.

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