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Types of fire trucks

1. Fire-fighting fire trucks: Fire trucks that spray fire extinguishing agents to independently fight fire accidents, including pump fire trucks, water tank fire trucks, foam fire trucks, dry powder fire trucks, etc.

2. Airport fire truck: A fire-fighting truck that is specially used to deal with aircraft fire accidents and can spray fire extinguishing agent while driving. Specifically: airport rescue pilot fire trucks and emergency rescue fire trucks.

3. Specialized fire truck: A fire truck that is responsible for a certain special fire-fighting technical operation other than fire extinguishing. Specifically, they include: communication and command fire trucks, lighting fire trucks, emergency rescue fire trucks, survey fire trucks, publicity fire trucks, smoke exhaust fire trucks, etc.

4. Elevated fire truck: That is, a fire truck equipped with elevating and fire-extinguishing devices that can be used for fire-fighting or fire rescue at high altitudes. They include: high-altitude telescope fire trucks, high-altitude jet fire trucks, and ladder fire trucks.

5. Backup fire truck: a fire truck that replenishes various fire extinguishing agents or fire-fighting equipment to the fire scene. Specifically: water supply fire trucks, foam fire trucks, ambulance fire trucks, etc.

An inventory of 24 common conventional fire trucks in China

1. Pump fire truck: A pump fire truck is equipped with fire pumps, other fire fighting equipment and crew seats. Its main function is to transport firefighters to the fire scene and use water sources to directly put out fires. It can also be used to put out other fires at the fire scene. Water supply for injection equipment.

2. Water tank fire truck: The fire extinguishing agent of this truck is mainly water. It has a large-capacity water storage tank, water cannon, water cannon, etc. It can be used to fight conventional fire accidents. It can use water sources to directly fight fires, or it can also use water sources to fight fires. It can absorb water for direct extinguishment and can also be used to supply water to other fire extinguishing spray equipment at the fire scene. It is suitable for fighting general fire accidents and is a standing firefighting vehicle of the public security fire brigade.

Water tank fire truck: In addition to the functions of a pump fire truck, a water tank fire truck is also equipped with a large-capacity water storage tank, water cannon, and water cannon. Water tank fire trucks can transport water and firefighters to the fire scene to independently fight fire accidents. It can also absorb water from the water source for direct fire fighting, or supply water to other fire trucks and fire extinguishing spray devices. It can also be used as a water supply and water delivery vehicle in water-scarce areas. It is suitable for fighting general fire accidents. It is a standing fire-fighting vehicle for the public security fire brigade and full-time fire brigade of enterprises and institutions.

3. Foam fire trucks: Foam fire trucks and water tank fire trucks are basically the same. The difference is that the material used by foam fire trucks to extinguish fires is foam, while water tank fire trucks use water. Foam fire trucks are mainly equipped with fire pumps, water tanks, foam liquid tanks, foam mixing systems, foam guns, cannons and other fire-fighting equipment, and can independently fight fire accidents. It is especially suitable for fighting oil fire accidents such as petroleum and its products. It can also supply water and foam mixture to the fire scene. It is an essential fire-fighting vehicle for petrochemical enterprises, oil terminals, airports and urban professional fire brigades.

4. High-expansion foam fire truck: The high-expansion foam fire truck body is equipped with a high-expansion foam generating device and a fire water pump system. It can quickly spray a large amount of high-expansion air foam that foams 400 to 1,000 times to isolate the surface of the burning material from the air, play a role in suffocation and cooling, and can eliminate part of the dense smoke. It is suitable for fighting in closed or semi-open areas such as basements, warehouses, and ships. The effect of sealing fires in building places is remarkable.

5. Carbon dioxide fire truck: The vehicle is equipped with a high-pressure gas storage cylinder equipped with carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent and a complete set of injection devices. Some are also equipped with fire pumps. host

It can be used to extinguish fires involving valuable equipment, precision instruments, important cultural relics, books and archives, etc. It can also be used to extinguish general material fires.

6. Dry powder fire truck: It is mainly equipped with dry powder fire extinguishing agent tanks and a complete set of dry powder spraying devices, fire pumps and fire fighting equipment. It mainly uses dry powder to fight flammable and flammable liquid fires, combustible gas fires, and live equipment fires. It can also fight fires involving general substances. . For large chemical pipeline fires, the firefighting effect is particularly significant. It is a fire truck commonly used by petrochemical companies.

7. Foam-dry powder fire truck: The equipment and fire extinguishing agent on the vehicle are a combination of foam fire truck and dry powder fire truck. It can spray different fire extinguishing agents at the same time or use them separately. Suitable for extinguishing flammable gases, flammable liquids, organic solvents, electrical equipment and general material fires.

8. Airport rescue pilot fire truck: This kind of vehicle generally has very good maneuverability and is equipped with about 1000L of light water foam liquid. After receiving the alarm of a plane crash, the vehicle can drive to the crash site extremely quickly and spray light water foam on the fire area of the plane to prevent the spread of fire and gain extremely valuable time for the backup airport rescue fire truck to put out the fire.

9. Airport rescue fire truck: It is a large chemical fire truck dedicated to extinguishing aircraft crash fires and rescuing people on board. Its characteristic is that the vehicle is loaded with a large amount of water and a certain proportion of foam fire extinguishing agent and dry powder fire extinguishing agent. It is also equipped with various fire rescue equipment and demolition tools. The vehicle has good maneuverability and off-road performance, and can be used while traveling. Spray fire extinguishing agent. This is significantly different from ordinary fire fighting trucks.

10. Elevated platform fire truck: The vehicle is equipped with a hydraulic lifting platform for firefighters to climb up to fight fires in high-rise buildings, tall facilities, oil tanks, etc., and rescue trapped people. Elevated spray fire trucks: equipped with folding, telescopic or combination boom, turntable and fire extinguishing spray device. Firefighters can remotely operate the fire-extinguishing spray device on the top of the boom from the ground to spray the rescue target in the air.

11. Ladder fire truck: The vehicle is equipped with a telescopic ladder, which can be equipped with a lifting bucket turntable and a fire extinguishing device for firefighters to climb up to extinguish fires and rescue trapped people. It is suitable for fighting fires in high-rise buildings.

12. Communication command fire truck: The vehicle is equipped with communication equipment such as radio, telephone, and loudspeaker. It is a dedicated fire truck for the fire scene commander to command fire extinguishing, rescue and communication.

13. Lighting fire truck: The vehicle is mainly equipped with power generation and lighting equipment (generators, fixed lifting lighting towers and mobile lamps, as well as communication equipment. It provides lighting for fire extinguishing and rescue work at night, and also serves as a temporary power source for communication, broadcasting and publicity at the fire scene. Do the work of dismantling equipment.

14. Emergency rescue vehicle: It is a multi-functional fire truck that integrates demolition, towing, lifting, lighting and many other functions. It has reliable performance, applicable functions, and is easy to use. It is equipped with a variety of special protective equipment and rescue equipment, and can rescue people. It provides good rescue means for people, handling traffic accidents and land natural disasters. The vehicle is equipped with an electric traction winch, power generation, and lighting system. The lighting can also be lifted and moved. The main lighting can be flipped up and down and rotated 360 degrees horizontally. The maximum height of the lifting pole of the pneumatic lifting lighting is 81 meters. This system is for the future. It provides a strong guarantee for the good and rapid implementation of night rescue work and large-scale publicity activities.

15. Survey fire truck: The vehicle is equipped with survey cabinets, survey boxes, demolition tool cabinets, equipped with gas, liquid, sound and other detectors and analytical instruments. It can also be equipped with radio stations, walkie-talkies, video recorders, tape recorders and other equipment according to user requirements. Open (closed) circuit television. It is a survey fire truck suitable for special purposes in public security, judicial and fire protection systems. It is used for the investigation of fire scenes, criminal crime scenes and other scenes. It is also suitable for colleges and universities, factories and mining enterprises, scientific research departments, geological survey and other units.

16. Smoke exhaust fire truck: The vehicle is equipped with fans and air ducts for smoke exhaust or forced ventilation at the fire scene, so that firefighters can enter the burning building for fire extinguishing and rescue work. It is especially suitable for use when fighting fires in underground buildings, warehouses and other places.

17. Water supply fire truck: It is characterized by being equipped with a large-capacity water storage tank and a fire water pump system. It is used as a backup vehicle for water supply at the fire scene. It is especially suitable for drought and water shortage areas. It also has the functions of a general water tank fire truck.

18. Liquid supply fire truck: The main equipment on the vehicle is the foam liquid tank and foam liquid pump device. It is a backup vehicle specially designed to transport foam liquid supply to the fire scene.

19. Equipment fire truck: used to transport various fire equipment and accessories such as fire suction pipes, fire hoses, interfaces, demolition tools, and life-saving equipment to the fire scene.

20. Ambulance fire truck: The vehicle is equipped with stretchers, oxygen respirators and other medical supplies and first aid equipment, and is used to rescue and transport casualties in fire scenes.

21. Publicity fire truck: The vehicle is mainly equipped with film and television, recording and playback audio and power generation equipment. It is a dedicated fire truck for fire prevention publicity.

22. Chemical prevention and decontamination vehicle: This vehicle is mainly equipped with chemical decontamination agents and is specially used for handling leaks of some chemicals and rescuing people injured by various chemicals. It can also disinfect people and vehicles fighting toxic and harmful chemical fires. , it can also put out various chemical fires, and has outstanding effects on the protection of personnel, vehicles and the environment. The vehicle can also be equipped with an on-board lighting system, which can be used to illuminate the fire scene when there is insufficient light at night, effectively solving the problem of insufficient lighting at the fire scene.

23. Elevated jet fire truck: This vehicle is an elevated fire truck and is mainly used for fire fighting in high-rise buildings. It consists of a car chassis and two or more sections of arms. The top of the arms is equipped with a water cannon (foam cannon) alone or at the same time. It can be operated remotely on a turntable or on the ground. The spray cannon can be tilted within a certain angle range through a hydraulic motor. Adjusting the spray water into a straight flow or blooming spray shape can effectively control fires in a large area; the vehicle is also equipped with a high-intensity and high-lift water pump system that can lift the foam mixture or water to a high altitude and spray it at any angle. It can spray in any direction.

24. Compressed air foam truck: It is a multi-functional special fire truck that can load Class A and B foam and is good at fighting solid and liquid fires. The vehicle automatically combines water, high-efficiency foam concentrate and compressed air in the required proportion through a computer-controlled foam proportioning generator. Through the agitation and blowing action of the compressed air, a large amount of fine fire-extinguishing foam and compressed air foam are produced. The high-pressure fire pump sprays towards the fire source to extinguish the fire, and its continuous fighting ability is very outstanding. Has the following characteristics:

(1) High fire extinguishing efficiency and safer;

(2) Less water and foam are used, and the cost of use is low;

(3) Good environmental protection effect;

(4) The labor intensity of fire-fighting combatants is low;

(5) Fire extinguishing has a wide range of applications.

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