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Refined with the highest quality oxidized aluminum alloy material, the surface is smooth, no color difference, good gloss, no scratches, the locking and rotating mechanism is
convenient and fast, and the opening and closing is free. The anti-collision tensile strength and anti-permeability are good. The product has been tested by the National Fire
Equipment Center, and the product quality is excellent.


  • 這是產品詳情,適合加入有關產品的更多資訊,例如尺寸、材料、保固和清洗說明。另外,您也可在此處形容產品的獨特之處,以及可給客戶帶來的好處。買家總是希望能在購買之前清楚了解產品。所以請盡量提供資訊,讓顧客有信心和决心購買產品。
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